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"Singlehandedly, Nikki Attwell has built the Public Affairs portfolio into an essential component of the Faculty's enterprise. She has taken the initiative in so many ways and developed a really high quality level for the position. Our loss is definitely Kelowna's gain."

Dr. Robert Wood
Dean, Don Wright Faculty of Music,
The University of Western Ontario

"Nikki Attwell has a superb eye for design and promotional pizzaz. Combined with her gift for developing an active communication with our public, Nikki was a powerful force in developing a strong musical community at Western."

Fiona Wilkinson
Former Chair, Dept. of Music Performance Studies,
The University of Western Ontario

"Nikki Attwell has been an invaluable resource to CBC Radio and our programming needs. Her informative, concise and consistent releases have not only heightened our awareness of the highly active UWO arts community but assured its visibility in our arts billboards and programming."

Robert Cooper
Executive Producer, Opera and Choral Music,
CBC Radio Two

"I have known Nikki for several years and found her to be a great communicator. She can write, pitch stories and most importantly get coverage."

David Estok
Associate Vice-President (Public Affairs),
The University of Western Ontario

"Nikki Attwell 's ability to provide timely, accurate and useful information and tips about the contributions made by musicians, professors and scholars from the Don Wright faculty of music has helped me immensely in coverage of the London music scene. Her response to many deadline-driven inquiries has been exemplary. Many times, Nikki went above and beyond what might have been expected of a good media relations professional to make sure The Free Press had what was needed for full and complete coverage (ie. details, visuals, contacts, etc.)"

James Reaney
Arts and Entertainment Reporter,
The London Free Press

"I receive a large amount of electronic files from various clients that are supposed to be ready for output. Unfortunately, the majority of files received are not correct and I spend a lot of time fixing other people's errors. In my three years of dealing with Nikki Attwell's files, it was always a joy and relief knowing that she worked on the job. Her electronic files were always complete and never once did I have to correct anything that she had sent to us. It was a pleasure outputting her jobs and I only wish I had more clients that knew the programs as indepth as she does."

Cynthia Gentle
Graphic Artist, Middlesex Printing Corporation,
London, Ontario


“I just had a look at the Piano Technology Brochure — it is first rate: honestly the best of its type I can recall.”

Dr. Peter Mercer
Former Vice-President (Administration),
The University of Western Ontario

“Of all the publicity people I have to deal with in this city, you are by far the most on-the-ball with the goods I need to get to write a story.”

Michelle Lynne Goodfellow
Former music writer for Scene Magazine, London, ON

“You came on the scene and injected enthusiasm and excitement in the meetings, with all of your ideas and your seemingly tireless ability to do so much. Your colourful brochures and advertising added so much over the last few years. Your multi-talents… did so much for BRASSROOTS in such a wonderful way…”

Brian D. Strachan

Former member of Board of Directors

“I enjoy every issue of ensemble, and since I receive several other newsletters from music departments and faculties, I thought you might like to know that, in my opinion, yours is by far the best.”

Dr. Mary Cyr
Former Chair of Music,
University of Guelph


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